About Us

Dear Badminton lovers, welcome to our site,

Fernando's Youth Badminton Academy was launched in 2005 by Coach Fernando who has been part of the sport for over 46 years as a player and a coach. He had a passion for Badminton and his mission was to set up his own 'world class' Badminton academy and pass on the finer points of the game to the youth in the community in Brampton & greater Toronto area. His market research showed that Obesity is on the rise among youth of society, and he was confident that Badminton activities would help to eliminate this growing illness. This academy specializes in coaching and training Basic, Intermediate and Advanced level players.

The program is conducted from September to June every year and some of our primary goals are:

  • The Promotion of Badminton locally & internationally
  • The Establishment of coaching programs for youth development
  • Promote recreational Badminton for adults for a healthier lifestyle
  • The publishing of Badminton news & information
  • Promoting Badminton tournaments
  • Developing certified coaches through 'train the trainer' programs

* Fernando's Youth Badminton Academy is affiliated to Badminton information Academy Coaching School in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.